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Owning land


Knowing what your planning to do with your land depends on several factors. Seek assistance to help both plan and model various scenarios.


Find out more about Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development practices that can save both the planet and in many cases your pocketbook


Financing your land development endeavor or acquistion of land typically requires loans. Find out what banks offer loans and lines of credit for your real estate transactions.


A large part of due diligence ensures the buyer or owner of land can actually execute what they are proposing either before they purchase the property or begin development. This involves understanding local jurisdiction's land development regulations like future land use and/or zoning designation. Along with understanding the limitations of the properties as it pertains to utilities, stormwater or environmental hurdles.

Getting through this together


A wide-range of service companies are knowledgeable on the process and can offer project management services no matter what stage of development you are in.

When it is just raw land


Platting is the way in which property is divided, through laying out on paper or mapping each piece of land. A recorded plat indicates lots, building lines, easements and rights-of-way, flood areas, boundary markers, and other permanent attachments to land.


A conceptual site plan is a scaled drawing to help provide a concept of what will fit on the site. A final site plan will show the layout, design, and construction of buildings, structures, and paving on a site in a way that protects the public's interest in safety and economy, and protects from some of the possible undesireable outcomes of site development.


A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is completed to research the current and historical uses of a property. The intent of the report is to assess if current or historical property uses have impacted the soil or ground water and could pose a threat to the environment and/or human health. As well, the process is to decrease liabilities to the buyer/seller.

I want to find land


Are you looking for land to develop? Have a great project that needs a location? Reach out to realtors in the area who can help you in the process.

Preparing for construction


Once land has been assessed for development, you will require specialists to layout the design and engineering of the structure to be built.


Site development is the implementation of the improvements that are needed to prepare a construction site or underlay a structure or development before building construction can begin.


During the entire construction cycle of a building the work will start with the foundation stage and move through to the framing, exterior, drywall and the finishing stage.

I am ready to sell


Ready to place your real estate on the market?

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