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The decisions made about
where we build, what we build and how we build literally becomes the community in which we live, is it any wonder debates can become heated when discussing these issues. Our organization is dedicated to fostering a shared understanding about growth and development. This understanding helps lead to consensus-building, a key element to responsible development. Defining what is "good growth" versus "bad growth" depends on who you are talking to; appeasing every person's opinion is impossible. What is possible is the opportunity to see new perspectives, to collaborate, and to engage in healthy debate which leads to livable, vibrant places.

VCARD is a not-for-profit dedicated to affecting positive outcomes for the development in our community. We achieve this goal by: 

  • Facilitating open-dialogue about what, where, and how we build;
  • Publishing information on land development to ensure a transparent process;
  • Monitoring policies and legislation impacting development choices;
  • Acting as a liaison between municipal agencies and professionals in the field;
  • Providing educational forums for individuals interested in the health of their community;
  • Circulating timely information on development matters.

VCARD is for all active members of the community who are interested in how we grow.

We invite you to join now.


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