VCARD Honors Award Recipients at 33rd Annual Banquet

Each year, the organization is pleased to honor those who are dedicated to quality community growth. For outstanding involvement and support of the organization, Ms. Madison Bàres of Peninsula South Consulting will be honored as VCARD Member of the Year.

VCARD will also honor two longstanding civil servants. Mr. Jim Hathaway, former Mayor of New Smyrna Beach, will be presented with Citizen of the Year. This award is given to a person who has shown to be a good steward of the community. Mr. Hathaway's involvement in the Turnbull Creek Protection Bond referendum initiative was laudable, representing a reasonable approach that balanced property rights and environmental preservation. Additionally, Mr. Joseph Yarbrough will receive a Vision Award for his time as the longest-sitting City Manager in Volusia County. Mr. Yarbrough’s tenure is a testament to not only his dedication to the area, but evidence of having a leader’s vision.

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