2020 Incoming Chair Remarks

Dear Members,

I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to lead the Volusia County Association for
Responsible Development (VCARD) and it’s Flagler County Chapter.

We are in the favorable position of living in a state that offers the ideal components– hospitable
weather, low cost of living, favorable taxes – that drives people to move to Florida.
A fundamental principal needs to be accepted: Florida is going to continue to grow; Volusia and
Flagler Counties are going to continue to grow. Projections from the state or private consultants
confirm this growth trend for the foreseeable future and the impacts of this growth are going to be
felt by all of us.

As Chair of this organization I believe it is vital for VCARD to be at the forefront of this conversation
communicating with elected officials, county/city planning directors and their staff, doing outreach
to the public by holding more substantive forums and programs that facilitates a meaningful
exchange of ideas on the major hot-button issues facing us today.

VCARD will be a leader in this dialogue shaping the narrative on how to sustainably accommodate
growth that will define our quality of life and our family’s quality of life for generations.
We are in the midst of very exciting times for Volusia and Flagler Counties, tremendous
opportunities are being created throughout our region. Let’s deploy VCARD’s resources out in the
community being the link in the debate between both sides of the growth issue. With the goal at
striking the critical balance that will form the foundational groundwork to foster and enhance
today’s opportunities into the future.

I look forward to working with all of you over the next two years.

Patrick Opalewski

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