Volusia County To Raise Impact Fees

The Volusia County Council voted yesterday to accept the recommendation of the Duncan Associates study to raise impact fees to the rates seen here. Council decided to phase in the fees over 2 years, with 75% implemented in year 1 and the remaining 25% in year 2. Fees will also be annually indexed using the FDOT construction cost index thereafter within a minimum and maximum range.
Other decisions on impact fees included:
  • Credits will be limited to the same zone in which they were earned;
  • Credits will expire 7 years after the final certificate of occupancy is issued on the final phase of a development;
  • Residential single-family age-restricted developments will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with applicants providing a study supporting the request for a reduced fee.
These amendments to the existing ordinance will be presented to the Council on December 4th for a final vote.

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